Manual and automatic band saw sharpeners – what are they?

Nobody can deny how powerful of a band saw in material cutting from straight to curved lines, from small DIY to professional projects with high accuracy and perfect curves to create a lot of interior furniture, shelves, boards or any other useful things. In farming, a metal cutting band saw can create a silo, horseshoe, etc. to serve their jobs. Coming along with this machine, you will also hear about a term of sharpener which is also another powerful tool to keep the saw always in good condition.source:

1.    What is exactly a sharpener used for?

It is not difficult to explain the purpose of a band saw sharpener because right from its name, we can know partly that it is used for sharpening the blade. After using the cutting devices for such a long time, of course, its blade is going to be dull gradually. Thus, it is time for you to take care of your powerful tool. However, replacing for the new best band saw blades, you know, it is very expensive that not all of us can afford. Even though, a blade just costs about ten dollars for each replacement, but if you have to do this for many times per month or year, how much do they cost? So, is there any other choice? The answer is sharpener which is very cheap when compared with a new band saw blade, but you can use it for many times. Clearly, this is the cheapest way.

2.    Why use and how to use a sharpener?

There are many different reasons about why we should use a sharpener instead of buying a new blade. The very first one is economic. Actually, there are two types of sharpeners which are manual and the automatic. Even though an automatic sharpener may be more expensive than a blade, but for many times using, its cost, in comparison, is much cheaper.

The second reason is the convenience. There are two ways for you to sharpen a band saw blade, either doing it yourself or getting the assistance of the others and paying the fee. If you choose to sharpen the blade on your own, the very first condition you need to afford is the skill; you must be a professional worker with many years of experience. If not, it is advised to get another’s help best camping beds reviews

3.    The definition of manual sharpener:

This is an old way to sharpen a band saw blade when the technologies did not develop like the present. A manual sharpener is a tool obviously used for sharpening blade. If you choose to do this job yourself, you need to have much patience to sit down and clean as well as sharpen tooth – by – tooth, get rid of all debris and dirt, make sure the precisely same size between teeth in addition to the same wear and tear signs. From the above description, you can see that this job consumes much time and very hard. And it is the reason why the automatic sharpener.

4.    The definition of automatic sharpener:

With the same function but difference in how to work from a manual sharpener, the automatic is a very convenient machine to sharpening the band saw blade automatically. If you intend to use this method, the only one thing you have to do is purchasing and powers it up; automatic sharpener will do the entire jobs which you should have done with the manual. This is obviously the most popular and favorite device of many handymen and craftsmen on their bandsaw reviews because of its convenience with fewer risks of damages than of doing on your own.

However, it does not mean that the manual sharpeners are not used these days. They are still by some average users because even though the huge advantage from the automatic, it is a little bit inconvenient and unsuitable to buy that expensive sharpener for small and average projects working with a band saw. So, there is one more factor influencing on the choice in the type of sharpener which is your budget. If you are a professional woodworker, an automatic sharpener is very useful and it is sure that you will never complain about it, but on the contrary, a manual one is a suitable choice for those who are on the tight budgets or working on small projects.


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