9 Basic Tips on Band Saw Safety

Safety is always a thing that any one should keep as the top priority when doing anything. And when using a band saw, there are some thing that we should keep in mind to prevent all the traumatic injury, damage and other unwanted problem.

Band Saw Safety

What follows are the top basic safety tips for you when working with band saw.

Tip 1. Paying close attention to the band saw

Firstly, you need to pay close attention to anything you do with your band saw when you are cutting with it. At that time, please stop doing any other thing to make sure that you do not distract from the current mission.

Also, when someone is cutting with the band saw just like you, please do not distract them from their work.

Always paying 100% your attention to the work will not only keep you safe but also increase your productivity.

Tip 2. Keeping all guards in place with proper length

Keeping all guards in place with proper length

Have you ever question yourself why there are guards in the band saw? That’s is the barrier between your hand and the saw so it can prevent your hand from hitting the saw. Also, it helps to keep the band saw blade always stable.

In addition, your guards should be from 1/8 to ¼” to the stock to keep the highest accuracy and safety while working.

Tip 3. Handling the stock with care

If you usually check the band saw reviews, you many see that we should never hold the stock and try to cut it. The stock should be kept flat and secure on the table. This will prevent your hand from slipping or jamming into the band saw.

Tip 4. Never leaving the band saw on without paying attention

This is a simple thing but many users forget it. If you are not using the band saw, never leaving it on. After using it, don’t forget to turn the power off. It will not only let your machine take a total rest but also prevent the accident as well.

Tip 5. Keeping the band saw area clean

Keeping the band saw area clean

Not many of us consider about this problem. However, anything including your tools, wires, scrap wood, garbage around your band saw may be the cause of the accident. Therefore, keep your working area and your band saw clean.

Tip 6. Keeping your hand in the safe position

It’s one of the most important things that you should keep your hand in the right position. Never hold the stock in the position of the saw blade but on the sides only.

Also, you should not jam your hand into the blade. Please always keep your fingers several inches from the blade and keep your hand far away from the table insert. Especially, when cutting the small stock with your band saw, ensure that you are using the guiding stick to keep safety.

Tip 7. Wearing the safety equipment

Wearing the safety equipment

When the band saw is working, even if it’s the best band saw, there will be debris flying when the blades are cutting the work pieces. Especially when they move at the really high speed, there are many dirty that can have effect on your eyes.

Therefore, please wear the safety equipment such as glasses to protect your eyes from any damage.

Tip 8. Never using loose clothing

When using the band saw, you should never use the loose clothing. That’s because it is difficult for you to prevent it from being caught into the blade. Using the short sleeves shirt is the best idea for you. It will keep you safer when working with the band saw.

Tip 9. Having knowledge of first aid if there’s accident

We are always try to measure all possibility to prevent injury because all of us know that prevent is better than cure. However, no one can make sure that there will be no accident happens. To limit and prevent further damage or death, any one should be aware of first aid or know how to treat a cut properly.

Therefore, any one should learn about how to keep the cut from blooding and infection then they can minimize the loss.

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