How Can You Know Bandsaw Is Right For You?


best band saw

Bandsaw is a versatile tool which is powerful on cutting wood, metal and many other kind of materials. It has ability on curves cutting so it is helpful for craft work or furniture designs so it is the best tool to pick. However, the most using of a band saw is irregular shapes cutting, and follow is resawing lumber into slimmer slides. It is designed with a blade which rides on two or three, four wheels. Blade is a metal band including teeth along one side.

If you want to buy a bandsaw for your workshop or just personality demand, you should know more about its feature to make sure that you can pick a right one for you. With all of the kind of bandsaw are available on the market, it’s hard for you to find a right bandsaw. Below is the list of some main points that you have to concern when choosing a bandsaw.

  • Forms of Band Saws:

    bandsaw has two main forms, the first one is floor-standing cabinet model, and the second is a shorter model. Both can either set up on a stand or a bench top. The first type has more options and larger motors that leads to the consistent cutting so it’s suitable for professional application. Whereas the shorter one is better use for personal worker. It do not have the capacity of resawing, however it seems to be an economical form. This model is also easily handy if your work places are limited.

  • Features:

    the first important thing is considered when a buyer find on a bandsaw is the depth of cut which is the distance between the table and the upper blade. The depth of cut allows you know the thick of good can be had when using the band saw. Some bandsaw has a small depth of cut but it can increase by adding the unit which rise the depth bigger.

The second thing is the throat. The throat is the distance of the blade            and the vertical frame of the saw body. The distance let you know                  the width of cut. On free-standing bandsaw the throat is generally                range 12-14 inch.

  • Motors size:


size motor

For choosing the right motor you have to consider on your demand. The bandsaws have variety size of motors, generally from 1/3 to ½ horsepower. The professional models are usually included a larger motors with different level of speed that is suitable for doing any resawing. Whereas the personal or home models come with ¾ or 1 horsepower motor which it is right choice for thinner stock.

  • Wheels:


There is typically a pair of wheels for a bandsaw, but sometimes it has three wheels which hold a rotating blade. A quality frame of bandsaw usually has heavy iron wheels that allow a powerful and steady cut. On the wheel rim stick a rubber tires in which bandsaw blade will be tracked. These tires are commonly flat that let a blade 1″ or larger width tracks on for a heavy resawing.

  • Table:

The table sizes and types are also other important points. The table should allow to set up an angle extend to 450 or 900. The bigger table is hold easily and guide good through the saw. It should be made of heavy iron and set on a stable trunnion.

  • Blades:

best blades

Blades come with many kind of tooth patterns which adapt for various stocks. For instance, a hook tooth has wide teeth which can be used for hardwoods, hard metals or plastic. Skip tooth has wider teeth allows to cut the softer metals like aluminum. Raker and wavy tooth are generally used for having cut on ferrous metal.

Also the blade sizes are available in different widths from 1/8″ to 1″. The straighter cut can be done with a wider blade. For irregular cut, the blade must be fit the radius of cutting. You should have different types of blades for making variety stocks. Blades can be changed quickly and easy.

  • Fence:

Fence is an optional which is useful for resawing. Heavy fence comes with adjustment mechanism can be fit most saws and used for different work.





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